Friday, 12 February 2016

Zombie Ninjas vs. Black Ops


Directed by: Rody Claude
Written by: Kylie Claude
Starring: Adam T. Perkins, Kira Caine &  Soa Palelei

Now that’s a great title: Zombie Ninjas vs. Black Ops. Does this B-movie live up to its awesome title? It sure does, delivering bucket loads of zombie bashing action at a relentless pace. The low budget zombie genre may have reached saturation point a long time ago but Zombie Ninjas vs. Black Ops injects the genre with some much needed adrenaline and that sure fire concept that makes anything and everything a hundred times better: ninjas. It’s action from the get go as the top secret experiments to create the ultimate soldier at SaiSei Security goes awry unleashing a squad of zombie ninjas who decimate most of the building’s occupants. A team of black ops are sent in to clean up but this doesn’t go according to plan meaning the remaining members of the team along with a few other survivors, including a bad ass military type, have to fight their way out of the building fending themselves from the ever swarming zombie ninjas. 

Mixing zombies, ninjas, guns and a little bit of Universal Soldier into the mix Zombie Ninjas vs. Black Ops gets down to business quick and rarely lets up. With little time for setup, the flick kicks off in high gear with the ninja zombies (really more like souped-up ninja soldiers that that howl and growl a lot, than straightforward zombies) already running amok. People are slain, fights break out and the good guys storm the building, heavy artillery in hand. The action comes thick and fast and it’s a nice mix of ninja styled combat, shoot-outs and zombie chasing chaos. While the narrative is streamlined to the point of run, chase, fight, run chase, fight, it works in the film’s favour as that’s really what one wants to see in a film called Zombie Ninjas vs. Black Ops. However, there a few surprises along the way not least one shock moment come the halfway point this nobody reviewer didn’t see coming and the momentum is kept up as the stakes becoming higher and higher for our put upon heroes and the fights and confrontations escalate in their intensity. 

Sure the film is very low of budget, the acting and dialogue is occasionally a little ropy and the camera is a little too close and shaky in some of the action scenes but on the whole, Zombie Ninjas vs. Black Ops is a hoot. Despite the low budget the film looks very slick using its single location to its advantage (proceedings play out a little like Die Hard with zombies!) and the cast, including UFC fighter Soa Palelei (as a big bad zombie ninja!) throw themselves into the action with gusto. The mixture of fights, gunplay and in one imaginative moment, ninja sword action, give the action scenes variety and are all delivered with brutal efficiency. The flick plays things a little more seriously than one may be expecting considering the title of the film but again this works in the film’s favour as tension is built and it’s refreshing to have a genre film, that while is certainly fun and its main goal it to entertain, isn’t always winking at the camera and pushing it’s tongue too far through its cheek! Kudos also to making the zombies actually somewhat different their striking movements, ability to fight and unsettling sound they emit, making them feel like an actual threat.

It comes with the requisite B-movie madness and low budget trappings but on the whole Zombie Ninjas vs. Black Ops is a zombie action blast and a second go around with these super zombie ninjas would be a welcome prospect.

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