Friday, 19 June 2015

The Marine 4: Moving Target


Directed by: William Kaufman
Screenplay: Alan B. McElroy
Starring: Mike ‘The Miz’ Mizanin, Melissa Roxburgh, Josh Blacker, Matthew MacCaull, Paul McGillion & Summer Rae

The Marine is back, again, and so is Mike ‘The Miz’ Mizanin as ace marine Jake Carter, and the first WWE wrestler to feature in two consecutive Marine films (after Ted DiBiase Jr in Part 2 and John Cena who kicked off the whole shebang with the original). It’s a welcome return for The Miz, whose Marine 3 was an impressive instalment, and his bad ass marine now finds himself working in private security and assigned to the detail of protecting a young whistleblower (Roxburgh). Naturally, the folks she will be blowing the whistle on want her dead and send an elite squad of mercenaries to kill her: ambushing the convoy that is supposed to be transporting her to safety in explosive style. With the rest of the security detail slain and the package now on the run through the woods, it’s up to Jake Carter to retrieve her, convince her he ain’t one of the bad guys and dispense as many machine gun shells as possible as he attempts to stop the ever swarming, heavy artillery toting mercenaries. 

Aptly subtitled Moving Target, the film is basically one long running gun battle from the moment the convoy is attacked. Barely pausing for breath, The Marine 4 is an automatic weapons fan’s dream come true, as tooled up mercenaries and a gun toting Jake engage in numerous nicely staged fire-fights in and through the well utilised woodland setting, a safe house and a police station: tearing up pretty much every surrounding they find themselves in with a barrage of bullets. The flick is essentially one long charge as Jake and the lady he must protect attempt to flee to safety before deciding taking a stand against the murderous soldiers is their only option. Director William Kaufman (who staged similarly impressive gun battles in the like of Sinners and Saints and the underrated Cuba Gooding Jr flick Hit List) loves his gun carnage and goes full tilt with the bullet blasting mayhem. Not just content with maximum firepower, he also finds time for some impressive fight scenes with a particularly memorable safe house showdown between The Miz and one of the slimy bad guys. 

With so much action on its plate and a pace that never slackens, the inevitable naysayers of not enough plot will no doubt have a lot to say about the film’s streamlined narrative (and judging by some of the internet reaction, they do!). Still, we get some cool and formidable bad guys who find tensions rising amongst themselves when their sure-fire plan goes tits-up and while Melissa Roxburgh’s whistleblower at first comes across as a little too douchey and bratty she does learn her lesson, her actions often causing people to be killed, and even picks up some heavy artillery in the First Blood-esque finale. Yet this is The Miz’s show and proves again to be a solid action star and impressive screen fighter, even going toe-to-toe with WWE alum Summer Rae (who plays the kick ass female member of the mercenary team) in a bit of sweet (but brief) knife wielding fight action.

One probably either loves or loathes The Marine franchise but for this two bit reviewer with a blog, it just keeps on giving and The Marine 4 is a solid and slick slice of machine gun shredding action. Oh go on then, give us another one: The Marine 5 please. 

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