Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Absolute Deception


Directed by: Brian Trenchard-Smith
Screenplay: Kraig Wenman, Story by: Jeffrey Schenk & Peter Sullivan
Starring: Cuba Gooding Jr, Emmanuelle Vaugier, Kelly Atkinson & Everett McQueen

This cheap but cheerful, shabby but sunny action thriller sees Cuba Gooding Jr going through the paces as a tough but likable FBI agent investigating some dodgy goings on down under on Australia’s sun drenched Gold Coast. He teams up with lovely reporter Emmanuelle Vaugier as they investigate the shady dealings of her recently slain husband: a husband she thought had been dead for several years but had actually been living a secret life down under. This, of course, uncovers all kinds of shifty schemes connected to local corrupt businessmen who will stop at nothing to make sure the investigative duo are silenced. Non-surprisingly these slimy business types have a disposable supply of goons (where do they get them from?)  to send out to fight, bother and attempt to blow up our heroes with crappy CGI explosions!

Australian cult director and one time exploitation ace, Brian Trenchard-Smith (Turkey Shoot, Man from Hong Kong, Day of the Panther and, oh yes, BMX Bandits) delivers an often slick looking if run-of-the-mill thriller that benefits from the sparky chemistry of its two leads. There is nothing particularly new here and the budget does show its strain on a few occasions (that aforementioned awful CGI boat explosion: seriously they should have just cut that and had another fist fight instead!) but Gooding Jr and Vaugier make for a couple of appealing investigative heroes and their banter is perhaps the main draw here. They bounce off each well and seem to be enjoying themselves running around sunny Australia and occasionally kicking bad guy ass. 

Proceedings bob along nicely with a car chase here and a fisticuff there (with the end fight scene proving to be a nice little scrap!) and though there could have been a bit more action (and less shitty CGI boat explosions) Absolute Deception reaches its predictable climax in an unfussy and unpretentious way. The cast and crew may have only be doing this for some quick pay (wild speculation from this nobody reviewer!) but once the leads team up and get to investigating, Absolute Deception is a fun little action thriller romp and a hell of a lot better than Trenchard-Smith’s other recent Gold Coast shot action flick, the dire Drive Hard

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