Thursday, 30 April 2015



Written & Directed by: John Lyde
Starring: Danielle Chuchran, Rocky Myers & Kevin Sorbo

Fast moving, desert set, sci-fi action that sees the last of mankind (seemingly led by the always welcome, Kevin Sorbo) searching the vast reaches of space aboard giant spaceships looking for a new habitable planet. In between their hollow deck like training missions (to train them as bad ass soldier types), Sorbo and his crew believe they’ve found one such planet. However, disaster strikes in the form of a wormhole, which rips the ship apart and crashes the crew on said planet. Sorbo is injured, the rest of the crew are either killed or captured by some ferocious alien creatures and its up to tough girl survivor Kate (Churchran) to take up arms, battle the hostile desert terrain and rescue Sorbo and the surviving crew.

Add in another tribe of Mad Max like warriors (who want to kill any “outsiders”), some very slick photography which captures the glorious desert vistas and some high-kicking, bow and arrow slinging action and Survivor is a fun 90 minutes of sci-fi action. The opening scenes of Earth’s survivors aboard the spaceships training, bickering and flirting are a little clunky but once proceedings switch to the desert planet, things pick up considerably. Much like director John Lyde’s similar themed desert set sci-fi actioner Sniper Elite, the budget is slim and the story streamlined but he and crew do their best to deliver some slick sci-fi thrills. The thrust of the story is Kate running around the arid plains fighting mutant aliens, (possible) other human scavengers, and attempting to rescue the injured Sorbo. Her fights and scrapes are well staged and while the twist of where they have actually landed and the final outcome of events is hardly surprising its still a fun ride getting there.

Leading lady Danielle Churchran is one of the main driving forces of the flick and makes for a tough as nails heroine. Once she decides to take matters into her own hands and begins to charge across the desert locals, she barely stops as she battles the monster aliens, the scavengers and in one particularly memorable moment some kind of giant mutant alien dog! Churchran certainly cuts a fine figure as a future warrior and can kick some ass in the fight scenes. There may be too much of her running around and rock climbing (!) for the more critical of critics and proceedings may be a little light for the over analytical sci-fi fan out there but on its own slick, action fuelled and mutant alien terms, Survivor is a fun blast of sci-fi action. I can dig it.

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