Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Super Platoon


Directed by: Godfrey Ho (as Christ Hannah)
Screenplay: Glenn Clegg
Starring: Kevin Brooks, Barry Hyman & Rachel Sheen

You know the drill: it’s the 80s, it’s the Philippines (or possibly somewhere outside of Hong Kong!) and it’s another Nam/military/jungle warfare action film so there is gonna be a ton of cheese and a ton of M16 blasting action. And, for the most part, there is. However, this being a Filmark International and Godfrey Ho hatchet job, there is also a ton of incompressible nonsense and slapdash editing. Let the madness commence!

Actually, Super Platoon is rather low on the bonkers craziness and is more just a run of the mill people-get-captured-and-a-team-of-ultra-cool-mercenaries-set-off-to-rescue-them-and-engage-in-endless-gun-battles action flick. The team has a couple of no name American dudes leading the charge (well maybe not leading but they’re in the team!) and it’s business as usual as the squad set off into the jungle: pretty much almost 30 seconds after the film has started and the folks have been captured! That’s how quick proceedings begin and how simple they stay. Well, save for some sort of sub-plot about another team on some kind of other mission alongside them and which is possibly footage from an entirely different film (or just other footage Ho shot some other time and decided to insert into this film!) and is just an excuse for more machine gun firing and general what-the-fuck-is-going-on shenanigans?

Super Platoon is typical low rent Filmark action trash that while is far from the best of the military-jungle-action genre (I’m looking at you Nam Angels and Double Target!) is still junky fun on its own weird, mashed up terms. There is loads of crazy editing meaning one doesn’t always know what is happening and while this is a pretty straightforward shoot-em up, Ho still brings a little bit of madness to the plate: a smoke gun that burns the face off one poor bastard, opening credits featuring lots of fast moving stock footage (to make us think something exciting is happening!) and a dash of kung fu to liven up the action.

While it’s a bit too low rent and all over the place there is still the requisite oodles of gun-firing action (including a cool bit where one of the guys carries his wounded comrade over his soldier while she continues to fire her machine gun and slay the bad guys: awesome!) and if it’s late at night, you’re lonely and you’re into the 80s and machine guns, then give it a whirl. 

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