Friday, 17 April 2015

Cop Game

COP GAME (1988)

Directed by: Bruno Mattei
Screenplay: Rossella Drudi & Claudio Fragasso
Starring: Brent Huff, Max Laurel, Romano Puppo, Candice Daly, Robert Marius & Werner Pocath

Ah Bruno Mattei (billed here as Bob Bunter!) you really have outdone ones-self with the truly sublime, Cop Game. The director of such treats as Strike Commando, Shocking Dark and the explosion heavy masterpiece Double Target, reached new heights of action absurdness in Cop Game. So low rent is this Italian action trash (cribbing a good deal of footage from some of the films mentioned above!) that it fuses an 80s tough cop film with an 80s jungle warfare action film to often hilarious and explosion fuelled heights. Awesomeness, obviously, ensues.

Brent Huff (Strike Commando 2, Gwendoline) over acts (i.e. shouts!) as tough no-nonsense cop Morgan who along with his partner Hawk (Max Laurel) are on the trail of some rogue soldiers who are killing members of a group called The Cobra Force. During their investigations (i.e. shouting at everyone, shooting their guns and generally getting pissed off at everything!) the two military cops uncover a conspiracy that may also involve Russian spies and even take a sojourn into the jungle to fire heavy artillery from a helicopter and blow up some jungle huts. Cool!

So it’s a bit like the classier 80s Willem Dafoe/Gregory Hines flick Off Limits but with more shouting, more explosions and a car chase featuring toy cars! Yep, toy cars! Well funky looking miniature models. About halfway through the absurd greatness of Cop Game, there is a car chase that is completely made up of model cars flung around a model set (complete with hilarious reaction shots of the stars pretending to drive said cars!) that is so manic and weird its worth hunting down a copy of the film just to see this scene (apparently it's lifted from another 80s Italian flick, Ark of the Sun God). Add to this a ton of stock footage, lots of machine gun firing, a strip club featuring the same group of dancers doing the same dance in every scene (!), Brent Huff shouting at everyone (even when he’s having a normal conversation!), a character called Captain Kirk (“…just like in Star Trek!”) and the best them tune possibly ever created that is repeated ad-infinitum (and actually works the title Cop Game into the lyrics!) and one has a slice of insane genius only Bruno Mattei and the 80s could have conjured up.

It’s hard to encapsulate all that is incredible about Cop Game but knowing there is car chase with model cars, an actual Cop Game theme tune (that someone wrote and composed!) and a bunch of explosions goes some way to putting it into a nutshell, meaning one really should experience this film as soon as humanely possible.

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