Friday, 30 August 2013

Hard Rush

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Axe Giant

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Monday, 19 August 2013

The Tower

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Monday, 5 August 2013

Excessive Force 2: Force on Force


Directed by: Jonathon Winfrey
Written by: Mark Sevi
Starring: Stacie Randall, Dan Lauria, Dan Gauthier, Cyril O’Reilly & Jay Patterson

The original Excessive Force was a sweet slice of tough early nineties action starring Thomas Ian Griffith who was backed up by genre legends Lance Henrickson, Tony Todd and James Earl Jones. It was some slick and straightforward out for revenge action theatrics with some sold hard-edged action scenes. The sequel unfortunately jettisons that awesome cast and while not really linked to its predecessor still thankfully delivers enough out-for-revenge nonsense and some stellar hard edged action scenes to be a decent sequel.

Instead of Griffith we get the very cute and extremely badass Stacie Randall (Trancers 4 & 5) as Harley Cordell a former Special Forces agent looking to get revenge on her former C.O. and man squeeze, Lydell (Gauthier). He’s now head of a crack team of mercenaries who live the high life, act like douchebags and kill people for money. Cordell gets wind of their latest hit, weasels her way onto the investigation and goes gunning for vengeance. Well, after she’s hooked up with another former squeeze and spent a load of time loving it up with him first. Just get to the gun blazing revenge already!

While not as good as the original, Excessive Force 2 is still a highly entertaining low budget action film. While arguably there is too much downtime spent on Cordell’s relationship with her doctor boyfriend and him lecturing her to give up her gun-toting vengeance ways (boooring!), the film is a nicely fleshed out package. Sure the narrative is seen-it-all-before action movie revenge 101 but the characters are nicely rounded, the bad guys getting as much screen-time as the good guys meaning they actually have personalities. Despite some frightening 90s fashion on display (Cordell’s scary silver suit, the dude with all the sleeveless shirts!) the actors bring individuality to their characters elevating the narrative from its run-of-the-mill trappings. Randall also makes for a great heroine and is certainly adept at kicking bad guy butt.

Much like the first film, Excessive Force 2 is jam packed with action from numerous and well put together fights (choreographed by Phillip Tan and James Lew who both appear as some goons who get their asses handed to them!) to the all-out police station attack/siege the film climaxes with. This end action scene is worth seeing the film for alone and is impressive for the scale and verve it is staged with considering the low budget nature of the film: it featuring many large scale explosions, some sweet gunplay and one wicked car flip.

It may be a little generic but Excessive Force 2 is good action sequel fun thanks to the sprightly lead, some decent bad guys, assured direction and some barnstorming actions scenes.