Thursday, 11 July 2013

Jenny Ringo and the Cabaret from Hell


Directed by: Chris Regan
Written by: Geraint D’Arcy
Starring: Rosie Duncan & Lukas Habberton

Taking a brief break from the action movie mayhem Cool Target loves, I review the really rather awesome comedy horror short film Jenny Ringo and the Cabaret from Hell.

Cabaret from Hell (great title) is the follow up to Chris Regan’s earlier short Jenny Ringo and the Monkey’s Paw which catches up with best friends and flatmates Jenny and Gavin. Eternally lazy Gavin (Habberton) is still whiling away his days playing video games, making a mess of the flat and constantly wearing his favourite dressing gown. Would be witch Jenny (Duncan) returns from work to find the flat in complete disarray and Gavin completely useless at correctly taking down phone messages: mistaking their landlords notice of eviction for a request to carry out a flat inspection. To make matters worse, Gavin also lost the money he was supposed to pay the rent with in a singing competition that he figured he was a shoe in to win. He was wrong. So how will the best mates overcome this most recent disaster, avoid eviction and salvage their friendship: why with an impromptu sex change spell, a musical called Splatterface (!) and in one moment of inspired zany Meta genius show the film crew actually filming the movie we are watching. Obviously.

Witty, fast paced, always inventive and featuring two very likeable lead characters, Cabaret from Hell is a fun ride dropping one liners, f-bombs and moments of creative genius with aplomb. At the heart of the film (much like the first instalment) is the friendship between Jenny and Gavin affectionately portrayed by Duncan and Habberton. Their chemistry is infectious, their modern approach to young life relatable and the two are equally amusing as their quest takes on ever increasing absurd twists and turns. Both Duncan and Habberton are great in these roles making each new bonkers adventure the two find themselves in a pleasure to watch

Mixing horror, comedy and musical numbers Regan and his team balance all elements well meaning creativity is always flowing as the characters flit from everyday conversations, to body swap shenanigans, to battling demons in a bucket! It doesn’t stop there with some nifty animated sequences spliced in as well, an all out musical number come the end and as mentioned above the brilliant bit where the films stops to show the film crew breaking for lunch. Awesome. With its mixture of genres, ample helping of comedy and constant inventiveness, Cabaret from Hell is a little like a more horror tinged version of Spaced but with a distinctive personality all of its own.

The comedy and overall vibe may not be to everyone’s taste but Cabaret from Hell is a unique horror comedy ride made with skill, ingenuity and affection and another round with Jenny Ringo would be very much appreciated. Oh and please, please make Splatterface for real!

Look out for Cabaret from Hell soon and you can watch the first film Jenny Ringo and the Monkey’s Paw over at

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