Thursday, 30 May 2013

Sweet Justice


Directed by: Allen Plone
Written by: Allen Plone & Jim Tabilio
Starring: Finn Carter, Frank Gorshin, Kathleen Kinmont, Marjean Holden, Marc Singer & Mickey Rooney

A squad of ex-military, kung-fu kicking babes decide to clean up their town and kick some ass in this decent battling babes action flick. Walking the line(s) between badass action, soap opera naffness and outright exploitation, Sweet Justice is, well, pretty sweet. The lovely Finn Carter (of Tremors fame) is a tough talking, no-nonsense, martial arts whiz who when her sister is set up and killed by the evil toxic waste dumping Frank Gorshin decides to get her old unit of fighting females back together and take revenge. With no help from the local law enforcement douche (Marc Singer) the girls train up, tool up and ride into town on some cool looking motorcycles to kick some serious ass. Not before they've had a group sauna or two though!

If you can get through the first twenty/twenty five minutes or so, then Sweet Justice turns out to be a nice little action flick with some impressive rough and tumble stunts and action scenes. While it’s nice that the filmmakers set up the characters and their relationships, the first part of the film is a bit of slog to get through. Scenes tend to drag (despite Gorshin and good old Mickey Rooney hamming proceedings up!) and there are only so many scenes of Singer moping around and trying to romance Carter a viewer can take.

Luckily once Carter decides to get her team back together (which includes action stalwarts Kathleen Kinmont and Marjean Holden) proceedings pick up immensely. Cue many training montages as the girls work out, practice martial arts and even have an all nude sauna together! Nothing says camaraderie like an all nude group sauna. The girls then get down to business quick battling Gorshin’s seemingly never ending army of machine gun toting goons. There is a nice mix of martial arts, gunplay and motorcycle stunts, it all packs a punch and with each lady getting to deliver justice once the action starts it rarely lets up. It may be a little rough round the edges but the stunt people and leading ladies are put through their paces and there is a particularly memorable scrap in a house between one of the girls and a high kicking goon.

Sweet Justice works both as a high powered female action film and an exploitation film. The makers switch back and forth between presenting the female cast as a tough and in control female fighting force before then getting them to strip down in the sauna so we can ogle their bodies: meaning the tone is a little all over the place. Carter brings the requisite tough girl swagger and come the ending (after all the shooting, kicking and inevitable casualties) she even stops to consider whether it was all worth it with several members of her team now dead. It’s not every day a low budget action film ends on a downer assessing the unnecessary deaths of loved ones.

Sweet, sexy, rough, tough and once it gets going packed with high impact action Sweet Justice is a fun all female fighting ride.


dave_or_did said...

Sounds like my kind of movie :)

drive2 said...

yeah you would enjoy it dude...

Ty said...

Great write-up.

Looks like a fun one! Will keep an eye out for it. Always funny to see Mickey Rooney in action films.