Sunday, 10 June 2012

Alien Undead (aka The Dark Lurking)

Written & Directed by: Gregory Connors
Starring: Tonia Renee, Bret Kennedy, Ozzie Dervish

Alien Undead is low budget, grunts against bloodthirsty aliens done right. Maximising a limited budget to great effect and keeping the action and carnage flowing at a steady pace, this Australian B-movie is great stuff. You don’t me or anyone else to tell you this little flick owes more than a few debts to Cameron’s Aliens (if you’ve seen the trailer or, hell, the DVD artwork you know what kind of film you’re getting!) but heavily armed soldiers stuck in a compound with nasty alien beasties has been a sub genre ever since that classic movie graced our screens. What it lacks in original concept it makes up for in sheer verve, creative make-up effects and frenetic action.

Ok maybe “lacks in original concept” is a little unfair as Alien Undead isn’t a complete re-do of aliens. Sure we have a bunch of scientists and space marines stuck in a compound but the aliens (apart from one big bad one) are more zombie-like in nature than straight-up space creatures, the former inhabitants of the compound turned into yucky flesh munchers courtesy of a rather novel twist. From here it’s business as usual as the survivors and soldiers make their way through the decimated compound trying to stay alive and get out.


While the dialogue is often hokey (a B-movie with hokey dialogue, no way!) the pace, the action and the commitment to delivering a fun, action soaked monster ride elevates Alien Undead above its obvious low budget. The actors commit full force to the concept and relentless action, and the effects are some bloody good stuff. Gore soaked is an apt description for this sci-fi flick and it must be noted that a majority of the effects are all done practically. For those always harping on about the evils of CGI and the good old days of when everything was done on set, well here it is. The gore effects, creatures and action are done practically and it really does make the film a whole lot of fun.

While there is a little too much fast cut editing on occasion, the action is handled well and it pretty much relentless throughout. Along with all the gooey alien gore effects the action is full of firepower and energy. There is just something satisfying about seeing a squad of gunned up space soldiers shooting the hell out of marauding bloodthirsty creatures. Alien Undead has this in spades and is just a great fun time action monster flick.

Check it out.


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dave_or_did said...

Yeah I quite enjoyed this too. It's very basic and pretty cheesy, but well paced and loads of fun.