Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Sniper 2

SNIPER 2 (2002)

Directed by: Craig R. Baxley
Screenplay: Ron Mita & Jim McClain
Starring: Tom Berenger, Bokeem Woodbine, Erika Marozsan, Tamas Puskas, Linden Ashby

The original Sniper is a solid piece of jungle military action bolstered by the fine performances of Berenger and Billy Zane and features mucho cool camouflaged, high powered rifled action. Gaining a sort of cult status the film spawned three (yes, that's right, three) sequels: two starring Berenger and one, the recently released Sniper Reloaded, starring Zane. Sniper 2 catches up with sniper ace Thomas Beckett (Berenger) many years after the events of the original Sniper. Discharged from duty, Beckett is a lot older now but still a master with a rifle and a scope. Attempting to teach new recruits the way of the sniper, his fiercely traditional ways clash with the hot headedness of the young recruits. Fed up with this, it's not long before the inevitable "we need you to do one last job for us" plot mechanic gears up and Beckett soon finds himself knee deep in Eastern Europe (or some such place as there seems to be many errors in geography and the language certain characters are speaking: but there are plenty of folks on the imdb who seem to get a kick out of pointing this out, so they can fill you in on this) taking out some important dignitary, rescuing another, keeping another gifted sniper under control (Woodbine) and then running for his life with what appears to be most of an army after him. Seems, things don't change too much.

This first sequel is actually pretty decent. It may rehash most of the story of the original and relocate it to a different part of the world but under the assured hand of director Craig R. Baxley (Stone Cold, Dark Angel), Sniper 2 is a solid direct-to-DVD action sequel. Berenger always makes anything he is in worth watching and seems to be enjoying the chance to play Thomas Beckett again. The fact the script actually acknowledges his now older age is a refreshing slant, showing that he is not too old to still engage in combat but that all the fighting and sniping is definitely taking its toll on him. The bond he forms with Woodbine's spotter/sniper (a solider on death row, tagging along on the mission for possible dubious reasons) is given time to develop, more time given to character than usually seen in a direct-to-DVD action quickie sequel. Which all builds quite nicely to an on-the-run finale with features some impressively staged combat.

Baxley knows how to do the action thing and maximizes his limited budget to great effect meaning we get plenty of blown up vehicles, a cool bit involving a tank, a wicked gunfight in some woods where the snipers have to take out a team of pursuing soldiers and an exciting climax which takes place in what appears to be a bombed out town. The film builds to the action meaning character and tension are developed and the final pursuit through the above mentioned bombed out town is thrilling stuff. In general, the action is tight and thrilling and well mounted for a low budget sequel.

Not bad at all.


lizzardking said...

Damn! Now you got me eager to revisit this one again :)

Ty said...

Agree with lizzardking. Will have to watch this again! Tom Berenger rules.

drive2 said...

this was a worthy, if belated, follow up. though the original is still the best. and yeah, Berenger rocks....

Jack Thursby said...

Berenger is great in all 3 of his Sniper flicks. Sniper 2 was the last one I watched, not bad but I preferred Byron Mann over Bokeem Woodbine as a sidekick.

Need to check out Reloaded - like they brought back Zane for continuity (though I'm not sure about his 'tache).

Oh an just a word warning - don't ever ever get the R2 DVD of Sniper. It's like an alternate cut where they've cut out all the best bits of the film (sniper shot through the eye and more) and tacked on a random ending.

drive2 said...

the original Sniper with all the best bits cut out...sucks!

i thought Sniper 2 was the better film over Sniper 3. part 3 was ok and yeah Byron Mann was cool but part 2 had better action and a more solid story...

yeah, i need to check out part 4 now..