Monday, 4 April 2011

The Taint

THE TAINT (2010)

Directed by: Drew Bolduc & Dan Nelson
Written by: Drew Bolduc
Starring: Drew Bolduc, Colleen Walsh, Cody Crenshaw, Kenneth Hall

What do a crazy and gross dream sequence, a mental and defecating redneck and a severed penis all have in common? Well, they’re all featured in the opening few minutes of The Taint. All these absurd and gross images assault our senses within the first few minutes of Drew Bolduc and Dan Nelson’s film, pretty much setting us up for the next hour or so of unrelenting nastiness and outright bonkers. Though despite the severed penis and the redneck shitting himself the funniest bit is actually our (anti) hero stopping to light a cigarette mid chase from the shitting his pants inbred.

While Bolduc’s and Nelson’s film certainly reaches epic heights of absurd gross out spectacle and taste boundary pushing madness, it is often at its funniest in simpler more deadpan moments: such as the great moment mentioned above or an attractive couple who while proclaiming their undying love for one another simply put it as “Fuck anyone that isn’t in love like us!” Quite. That’s not to say there isn’t fun to be gained from all the in your face gore and inappropriateness: cause if there is one thing The Taint has, it’s in your face gore and if there is one thing it is, it’s inappropriate. Taking a page out of the Troma filmmaking book and then coating it in acid and adding a fair dose of modern day nihilism, The Taint takes the underbelly of society’s obsession with all things phallic and misogynistic to new depraved heights. Gore, semen and male genitalia have never been thrown at the screen with such wild and embracing abandonment. The Taint is nasty, gory, insane and just plain gross. It’s also pretty damn funny.

When a couple of douche bag wannabe scientists create a serum to enhance the male genitalia and their even bigger douche bag boss releases said serum into the water supply, the male population goes into an unrelenting frenzy of misogynistic madness and penis obsessed lunacy. Women aren’t safe anymore and are liable to get their heads caved in by the maniac males. So, through various exploitation goofiness and nonsensical plotting it’s up to a slacker inclined and 1970s hair and sunglasses obsessed dude and a shotgun wielding, tough as nails, ain’t-gonna-stand-for-it-babe, to hit back at the engorged of penis population. Let the goo spewing madness commence.

Wanna see something different? Wanna see something that lives up to its vile exploitation roots? Wanna see something that has gun blasting heroes blowing holes in and the sex appendages off of deranged maniacs? If so, and let’s face it, who the fuck doesn’t, then watch The Taint. Exploitation to the max, a complete deconstruction of how lame and dick obsessed the male race can be and at times, just outright funny, The Taint is pure underground madness. Slickly shot and delivered with deadpan brilliance, The Taint will assault you with images you never wanted to see and have you laughing out loud at the same time. The comedy flows just as much as the blood and body fluids with some great deadpan moments: our sort of hero always changing between two sets of sunglasses, his ineptness at skateboarding and a hilarious animated sequence featuring some poor hapless bunnies.

Considering the slight of budget there are also some awesomely effective gore effects which are laid on thick and a rather brilliant musical score which only enhances the unrelenting weirdness. Sure it suffers from some unavoidable problems of micro budget filmmaking (ropey acting, momentum sagging, maybe trying a bit too hard to shock) but these crazy kids have crafted a truly unique, gross and shotgun blowing away scumbags experience that should be seen by anyone who is into underground/independent/gross out cinema and for those who miss the exploitation days of the 1970s and 80s.

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