Friday, 21 January 2011

Hell Comes to Frogtown


Directed by: R.J. Kizer & Donald G. Jackson
Written by: Randall Frakes & Donald G. Jackson
Starring: Roddy Piper, Sandahl Bergman, William Smith, Cec Verrell

As awesome and hilarious as the titles suggests, Hell Comes to Frogtown is a cool little cult film from the 80s featuring one time wrestler and They Live star Roddy Piper, as the only fertile man left in a post apocalyptic future. You read that right, Piper is the only man walking around with an, ahem, loaded gun, as two nuclear wars have left everybody sterile and barren. He's recruited by "the government", they slap a chastity bomb belt onto his crotch (again, you heard right and it makes sense when you see it: sort of!) and along with Sandahl Bergman and Cec Verrell, he's sent on a mission to rescue five fertile women being held hostage by evil mutated frogs in, that's right, Frogtown. There's also a pink armoured truck (yep, pink!), walking talking frogs and the whole film revolves around Roddy Piper having to impregnate loads of hot women

Ok, so maybe Frogtown isn't quite the cult classic it wishes it was but it's still pretty damn fun. It's got Roddy Piper in it busting heads and wisecracks and the dude is a fun time. He's got hot 80s women all around him and while the flick isn't as nudity packed as the premise might first suggest, it still leads to all kinds of saucy comedic shenanigans. The cast seem to be in on the whole silly premise and go with the sense of fun which is infectious. Especially if you like cheapo 80s post apocalyptic films. Plus there is the cool frog people effects. Sure they're pretty dated now and more than a little silly but for this kind of low budget film they are pretty cool. The effects were by Steve Wang who genre fans will know is the dude behind awesome flicks Guyver: Dark Hero and Drive as well as providing effects for many other films.

Seriously silly sci-fi film that really doesn't feature much action (save for the final battle where Piper roams around with two shotguns yelling "Eat lead, Froggies!") but a fun good time, thanks to Piper's charismatic sense of fun, a daft premise and some cool low-tech effects.


Direct to Video Connoisseur said...

I loved this movie. I'm a huge Piper fan anyway, but the rest of it just worked too.

drive2 said...

Piper rules: Back in Action, Tough and Deadly, Marked Man and of course, They Live...