Monday, 11 October 2010

Wrong Side of Town


Directed by: David DeFalco
Screenplay: David DeFalco & Marquito Sanchez
Starring: Rob Van Dam, Dave Batista, Jerry Katz

Yet more wrestling stars turn their trade to starring in action movies, this time Rob Van Dam and Dave Bautista throwing fists and body slamming people in the distinctly low rent but not completely unenjoyable, Wrong Side of Town. Rob Van Dam and his wife have gone out for a meal and a night on the town with their new neighbors. Unfortunately things don't well and Van Dam accidentally kills a guy who attacks his wife. Said guy just happens to be the brother of a local and vicious crime boss who sends out his goons to hunt down and kill Van Dam and his friends. So, run-of-the-mill chases and fisticuffs ensue.

Predictable and very low budget, Wrong Side of Town is harmless trash featuring a couple of likable wrestlers kicking the crap out of bad guys. While it's nowhere near as polished as the likes of The Marine, The Condemned or Walking Tall (other action films featuring wrestlers), the makers do their best and maximize the city of Baton Rouge to its best. Unfortunately proceedings drag somewhat, the flick not as packed with action as you might expect. And I'm afraid for a low rent movie like this your action is the main selling point. Things tend to drag a bit, the film never being the exciting, dangerous chase through a night time city it should be. The final twenty minutes manages a sudden burst of fight action, nicely choreographed and packed with punch. There just should have been more of it.

The acting is about what you would expect though bad guy Jerry Katz is suitably menacing and Dave Bautista is also good as Van Dam's buddy roped into helping him fight bad guys. He just isn't in it enough. Rob Van dam is a likable hero and there are various appearances from other wrestlers and folks from the rap world. Not as much fun as it could have been but a watchable wrestling themed action flick nonetheless.

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Milan said...

i really liked the film and especially batista.