Monday, 11 October 2010

Caught in the Crossfire


Written & Directed by: Brain A. Miller
Starring: Chris Klein, Adam Rodriguez, 50 Cent

Ho hum cop thriller about a couple of cops (Klein and Rodriguez) investigating what at first appears to be a random slaying of a gang member but as they dig deeper and find themselves under investigation soon becomes much more as the stink of a set-up from within the police force soon becomes a realization. While the film has good intentions, is professionally made and has no pretensions of being a complex, labyrinth like cop drama, Caught in the Crossfire just lacks oomph.

Despite a decent twist come the end and tense action that opens and closes the film, Caught in the Crossfire spends too much time treading the cop cliches as characters shout and shout and shout some more at each other. It all gets a bit tiresome everybody seemingly trying to out 'grit' one other as tough cops, burnt out cops, and corrupt cops. The makers seem to have pushed the whole idea of making it as gritty as possible too far, making proceeding somewhat unintentionally funny on occasion. Not least lead guy Chris Klein who unfortunately overacts his burnt out cop so much that when he tells his partner to "cowboy up" all hope of grit and seriousness are thrown out the window. Much of the film is also set in interrogation rooms and told in flashback which unfortunately dilutes a lot of the tension, one wishing the characters would get out and do more.

Still, despite it's flaws, Caught in the Crossfire is not all bad. It might be a tad predictable but Rodriguez (from CSI: Miami) is effective as the other cop trying to figure out what is going on and surprisingly 50 Cent isn't that bad in what amounts to a glorified cameo. There is a professional sheen to the production and the flick is bookended by a couple of impressively tense shootouts. If the rest of the film had been as engaging as it's opening and closing, then Caught in the Crossfire could have been a much more exciting and edgy ride. As it is, it's an ok police thriller if you are in need of a cop movie fix.

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