Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Bloodfist 2

BLOODFIST 2 (1990)

Directed by: Andy Blumenthal
Screenplay: Catherine Cyran
Starring: Don 'The Dragon' Wilson

The second in the seemingly never ending Bloodfist series from the 1990s starring kickboxing ace Don 'The Dragon' Wilson, Bloodfist 2 is a straightforward, easy going and, yes, trashy fight flick that is choc full of kick boxing action. To be honest the film is practically one long running fight scene as one is barely two minutes away from the next fight or confrontation. A blatant rip off of Enter the Dragon, Jake Raye (Wilson) is lured down to Manila on the basis of helping out an old friend in trouble. No sooner has he arrived than he is kidnapped, along with a load of other champion fighters, by the evil Su and thrust into the dangerous world of underground fighting. So Jake, the other kidnapped fighters and a pretty lady who has somehow got mixed up in all the craziness must survive the fight tournament and then take out Su and his never ending supply of disposable henchmen.

A typical straight-to-video 1990s American martial arts film from the Roger Corman stable with minimal plot, oodles of silliness but a welcome amount of decent fight action: Bloodfist 2 is perhaps one of Wilson's better screen fighting films. The flick is packed with crisp and brutally choreographed fight scenes that threaten to saturate the film. The tournament scenes are the best with a variety of fighters and styles showcased and surprisingly well filmed for a low budget movie. No, they don't compare with their Hong Kong counterparts but the fights are fluid, fast and full of impressive moves and techniques. At a brisk 80 minutes, about an hour of the running time is made up of fighting, meaning if you are in the mood for some low budget fight action that makes no bones about being a complete rip-off of Bruce Lee's most famous film, then Bloodfist 2 is some head-busting, bone-crunching, fly-kicking good times. The opening scene is also impressive: starting on a close up of a blood soaked boxing glove, the camera pulls out to reveal Wilson mid fight, who then goes on to almost kill his apponant. Pity the flick didn't stick to this darker vibe and instead went with all the kung fu, kidnapped on an island silliness. Oh well!

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