Monday, 12 October 2009



Directed by: Glen R. Wilder
Screenplay: Glen R. Wilder, Randy Grinter & Jeff Moldovan
Starring: Jeff Moldovan, Donna Rosea & Joe Hess

Ah the 1980s. They were great. No concept too high or too ridiculous. Which is just as well as Masterblaster is about as high concept and ridiculous as you can get. Seemingly made by a bunch of stunt guys and friends who wanted to make their own movie, Masterblaster is the best and worst paint ball action movie ever made. Fact! It's quite possibly the only one and most definitely could only have come from the 80s. It's also actually kinda cool. No, really!

A bunch of dudes, babes and stereotypes converge on some woods in sunny Florida for the national paintball championship. After some bonding, comic relief and a bit of racism (!), the tournament kicks off and people get down to blasting each other with red paint. But no sooner have the "comedy" rednecks been eliminated from the match, people start getting eliminated for real. But who is killing the camo clad paintballers? Is it some pissed off bar patrons that the leading man beat up from earlier? Does it have something to do with the troubled past of one of the babes (yes it probably does, as she spends a good 5 minutes going on about it meaning it has to have something to do with the plot)? Or is it just somebody who doesn't like paintball and is killing everyone who plays it?

It's pretty obvious who it is and the reason behind it so ridiculous it all adds to the demented fun Masterblaster provides. An barmy concept even for a 80s flick, Masterblaster takes paintball and makes it look very unexciting and unappealing. Cheesy characters and dialogue abound and it’s not always clear whether the flick is actually having fun and taking the piss out of action films or is actually very serious. Still, once it gets down to offing characters there is some fun to be had as, really, its your typical 80s slasher flick at heart. Throw in a fair few and admittedly pretty good fights, a hero named Hawk (yep, it’s definitely the 80s), a bit of nudity and then, yeah, Masterblaster is the best and worst paint ball action movie ever made.

No doubt never to be released on DVD, grab a VHS copy (which adds even more to the 80s experience) and enjoy an obscure little film that has fights, boobs and, most importantly, paintballing.

Masterblaster trailer (cool!):

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