Sunday, 12 April 2009

Cyborg Cop 2

CYBORG COP 2 (1994)

Directed by: Sam Firstenberg
Screenplay: Jon Stevens
Starring: David Bradley, Morgan Hunter & Jill Pierce

1990s B-movie regular and former American Ninja David Bradley is out battling raging cyborgs again in the imaginatively titled, Cyborg Cop 2. Bradley plays a cop who is after some renegade cyborgs (funnily enough, there is never an actual cyborg cop in any of the Cyborg Cop movies!!) one of whom happens to have killed his brother. Action on top of action occurs in obligatory B-movie fashion and shit gets well and truly blown up.

This is one of several films Bradley made for Nu Image (including the original Cyborg Cop and the excellent and underrated action fest, Hard Justice) and while it’s as barmy as a bag full of frogs, Cyborg Cop 2 does provide a substantial amount of well performed stunt packed action. Before Nu Image started producing bigger budget mainstream stuff their original straight-to-video output worked on one simple basis: pack in as much action as possible. This is a good plan when you consider how bad the dialogue and some of the acting is in Cyborg Cop 2. Bradley actually looks like he is having fun for a change and even works in a few one liners and gets ample chance to use his martial arts skills. Plenty of dust ups that are satisfyingly punchy and feature the stunt crew being thrown through the air and walls at regular intervals. A great set piece at a gas station features a ridiculous amount of explosions and cars flipping as the cyborgs destroy everything and everyone around them. In fact, the film is packed with explosions, pretty much everything having to blow up once a fight or shootout has taken place. The opening shootout and fight is also a staggering 16 minutes long, meaning Cyborg Cop 2 certainly delivers the bang for the buck.

There is the typical amount of absurdness that comes with a flick like this, not least the scene where a mother leaves her stranded child with the cyborgs only for Bradley to save him and chase her down and instead of asking her to pull over, throwing the kid into her moving car. All done in slow motion!! Then there is the main bad guy, Starkraven: get it? Stark Raving Mad! Bradley also runs around the whole time with a bum bag on and, oh yeah, everything pretty much blows up. Yep, B-movie absurdness. But if you are a B-movie connoisseur then Cyborg Cop 2 provides a good level of B-movie madness and a stack of great action.

Also known as: Cyborg Soldier

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