Saturday, 21 March 2009

Executioner Part 2


Directed by: James Bryan
Starring: Chris Mitchum, Aldo Ray & Renee Harmon

Holy Crap, Executioner Part 2 just might be the worst film ever made. If it isn’t (and it’s damn close) it’s certainly the worst action film ever made. Shot, directed and acted with such ineptitude the movie is hilarious to watch as an unintentional comedy and only bearable if you watch it with a bunch of like minded bad movie aficionados, in the early hours of the morning with booze. Do not, under any circumstances try to watch this movie on your own as mental breakdown is assured.

A crazy Vietnam vet has gone, well, crazy and is roaming the streets in a mask executing those who break the law. Well he sort of his, as it’s never clear what exactly is going on. He certainly punches a few people and has a very unconvincing fight with another dude in a garage. There’s also Chris Mitchum (SFX Retaliator, got to see that!), supporting a ridiculous moustache, who seems to be the cop on his trail. The reason it’s so hard to follow proceedings (besides watching it a 1AM and inebriated) is the movie possess some kind of weird, trippy dreamlike quality. Not intentionally but more due to the haphazard way it is shot and put together. There is no coherency, an awful Vietnam flashback (which gets repeated often), and the most abrupt, stupid and “what the?!” ending where the cop simply lets the Executioner go. Eh?! (Believe me I haven’t just spoiled it for you!)

But what perhaps is most excellent about the Executioner Part 2 is that there was never a Part 1 (there’s loads of movies with the name The Executioner but they having nothing to do with this one). Yep, that’s right. Money hungry producers decided to cash in on Robert Ginty’s The Exterminator by calling this flick Executioner Part 2 and thus fooling people into thinking they were seeing a sequel to The Exterminator. No, really. On top of that, and another reason this movie can be considered awesome, is the video box (the British one at least) has stills from First Blood on the back. Yep, they nicked stills from Stallone’s big hit meaning you are getting a sequel to a film that never existed and does in no way feature Rambo or Stallone despite what the video box may otherwise suggest. Awesome!

About as inept as action movies get but absolutely recommended with piles of booze for the sheer awfulness factor.

Side note: the psoter above features loads of cool stuff that does not exist or happen in this movie. Again: awesome.

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