Saturday, 7 March 2009

Convict 762

CONVICT 762 (1997)

Directed by: Luca Bercovici
Screenplay by: J. Reifel
Starring: Shannon Sturges, Billy Drago and Frank Zargarino

Another space movie about an escaped killer on the loose, on a broken down ship, killing the crew off one by one. Hardly original. Made by the Sci-fi channel, consisting of two sets, computer effects of the variety done on a home computer and starring the guy from all those Project Shadowchaser movies. Hardly enticing. But low and behold, Convict 762 is actually pretty good. For a B-movie space flick made by the Sci-fi channel.

As mentioned it’s the common, and overused, story of a maniac killing off a motley space crew one by one. However, this time the crew is all female (no nudity I’m afraid guys) and the film actually manages to be quite tense in parts. There are a few disturbing images and the groovy music adds to the sense of dread. The lack of sets and dim lighting reveal the very limited budget but are compensated by above average camerawork that keeps the action moving. The acting is typical of this kind of flick, with Billy Drago doing his usual weirdo shtick. Zargarino is alright in his limited role (despite top billing) and the female cast acquit themselves well (if over-acting a little) in roles usually reserved for men.

I won’t go into the shoddy visual effects or the barmy ending as any hardened movie fan will no doubt be howling with laughter upon seeing them. Yet Convict 762 is pretty entertaining and nowhere near as bad as rumoured. There are certainly many worse sci-fi B-movies out there (trying sitting through The Shepherd starring C. Thomas Howell, it’s virtually impossible…trust me). Good trashy nonsense, which is not bad considering I picked it up for £1.49 in the post office while buying stamps and a jiffy bag.


FILMNUT1 said...

I bought this movie when it first came out. Cost a lot of pocket money. The distributor came up with a con whereby they'd sell you a big box timecode recording and put a certificate with it to make it seem like it was something special and exclusive. It was done by mailorder only. Can't remember the magazine it was in. There was a whole series of them. Including The Apocalypse and Dark Planet. I only bought that one though.

drive2 said...

yeah i remember there being a whole load of them. most of them filmed on the same sets. i've seen The Apocalypse, which is bonkers but fun, but not Dark Planet. There was also Timelock with Jeff Speakman and Spoiler with Gary Daniels which is also pretty good.

EE said...

Who in the world allows foolish youngsters to dabble in the movie industry. No plot worth thinking about, worst acting ever, a sad atttempt at sound and worse attempt at editing. The lips move and no words come out-Please! Bad guy from God Father(who was thrown off the roof by Kevin Costner) must have been straving to death to make this movie. As for the other actors I have seen them in small roles and suggest they work harder on their craft. I have seen movies of all caliber and this is a misfire! EEE