Wednesday, 17 September 2008

The Destroyer (aka Now Way Back)


Written, directed by & starring
: Fred Williamson

Fred Williamson is Jesse Crowder, The Destroyer and he will destroy you. Fact.

Why The Destroyer is awesome:

- Jesse Crowder is the man, even when wearing a pink suit
- In the seventies, neckerchiefs made you a bad ass
- Jesse Crowder shags one women then puts her in a closet, lets another women in and then shags her (no, really!)
- Running across the top of cars in a foot chase is awesome, even when you can actually run alongside them down the empty street and make it a lot easier for yourself
- Jesse Crowder has one massive package. And it will destroy you!!!
- Flying cars are awesome and look awesome on the video box. Pity there are no flying cars in The Destroyer. Still, flying cars are awesome.
- Riding a horse across the desert to find your kidnapped lady friend is preferable to driving as it looks cooler and is way more awesome, despite the fact you may actually have a car and it would be quicker and easier
- The Destroyer isn’t actually Jesse Crowder or Fred Williamson but an old lady in glasses with a shotgun. Awesome
- Neckerchiefs are awesome
- Jesse Crowder has one massive package. And it will destroy you!!!

Why The Destroyer is awful:

- See all of the above

Fun but oh so bad Shaft wannabe that despite a few bits of decent action is just too insane and hilarious to be any good. Awesome flick apparently followed by a sequel, Death Journey. I gotta see it.


Chris Regan said...

Best. Film. Ever. Notable for the introduction of Fred Williamson's flying car. Have to get hold of that sequel!

drive2 said...

Flying cars = awesome!

Ross said...

Absolutely Hauserian in it's awesomeness. I have Death Journey, and oh how we will watch it.