Monday, 10 March 2008

Operation Delta Force


Directed by: Sam Firstenberg
Screenplay by: David Sparling
Starring: Jeff Fahey, Ernie Hudson, Joe Lara & Frank Zargarino

Another action quickie from B-movie specialists, Nu Image, Operation Delta Force is full of gunfire and explosions but is ultimately a damp squib. The Delta Force is on a training assignment in South Africa (which is handy, seeing as many of Nu Image’s films are shot in South Africa) when they are called into action to stop Nash (Lara) and his band of terrorists from unleashing a deadly virus. Led by the ever serious (i.e. he stares a lot and has no sense of humour) Lang (Fahey), the Delta Force swing into action blowing shit up, battling sexism (!?) and even picking up the other bloke from Ghostbusters along the way (Hudson).

First of all, Operation Delta Force takes itself way too seriously. Thinking it’s a serious treaty on American Special Ops teams, the film is more a poor man’s Rambo than a realistic portrayal of army combat. Fahey squints his way through one of his dullest roles ever, Hudson is barely there, despite getting top billing and Zargarino’s disapproval of a female Delta Force member is laughably bad. The direction by Sam Firstenberg (Cyborg Cop) is slapdash and unfocused, much like the action. Badly edited and staged with no real punch, the action scenes become a barrage of monotonous and uninspiring shoot-outs. Though, to be fair, there is a fairly ambitious and exciting scene where the team ambush a moving train.

There is some decent photography by Yossi Wein, and Joe Lara, Todd Jensen and Hal Holbrook fill out the B-movie cast admirably. But inane dialogue, ropey acting and a complete lack of realism rob Operation Delta Force of any real entertaining value. Nu Image has made better action flicks including Warhead and U.S. Seals 2 which are more decent options than this film.

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