Thursday, 31 January 2008

Cybertracker 2


Directed by: Richard Pepin
Screenplay by: Richard Preston Jr
Starring: Don ‘The Dragon’ Wilson and Stacie Foster.

Sometimes all you want from a film is gunfights, car chases and loads of explosions. Cybertracker 2 delivers all this with aplomb and by the bucket load. Starring kickboxing champ, Don ‘The Dragon’ Wilson, Cybertracker 2 is one PM Entertainment’s most enjoyable action flicks. Utilising what appears to be a decent budget, director Richard Pepin (Dark Breed) piles one scene of destruction on top of the next in a well crafted thrill ride that, literally, never lets up.

What plot there is finds Wilson’s Federal Agent and his reporter wife (Stacie Foster) going on the run after being set up for murders they didn’t commit. A nefarious hi-tech corporation has created cybertracker doubles of Wilson and his wife and this is where most of the fun comes into play. The evil doubles cause much mayhem as they set about destroying their real life counterpart’s lives and most of Los Angeles as well. The plot is second fiddle to the mayhem and for once it doesn’t matter. Action is the name of the game and with the amount on display here, the production of Cybertracker 2 must have kept at least half the stunt community in steady employment.

Slick and well executed, the action incorporates many a car cash: one involving an armoured truck and a supped up, futuristic Trams Am and another featuring a truly eye popping stunt with a police van. There is also a surplus of brutal gunfights that appear to use more ammunition than the entire Second World War. It must be said that some of these scenes have a very violent edge to them as the body count mounts up. This is not a film overly worried about human life. Of course it is not realistic in the slightest. The film also blatantly rips off the Terminator flicks with the police station shoot-out lifted from The Terminator and one character dying almost exactly like Joe Morton did in Terminator 2.

Martial arts fans may be a little disappointed as Don Wilson displays little kung fu here. Obviously branching out into a different kind of action flick, Wilson holds up well in the gunplay and car chase scenes. He is especially cool, and unstoppable, as the evil version of his character. The opening scene has so much gunfire, explosions and stunts it would do as the conclusion to most big budget action flicks, yet it is only the beginning in what is an action juggernaut of a film. If you are an action fan, track down Cybertracker 2 now.

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